A Handyman For Holland Park

Holland Park is a beautiful place, and we are grateful to be just a stone’s throw from its tall trees, great statues and pleasant atmosphere. Though dominated by the acres of greenery in the public park, Holland Park is also home to a number of residential apartments and fashionable stores. It is these areas that we help with our W14 handyman service.

Furniture & Retail in Holland Park

The area is home to a number of high-end furniture and home decor providers – from Mark Wilkinson Furniture and Viva Sofa to the Futon Company near Notting Hill Gate. Most of their furniture is robust, expensive and often bespoke; it does not require assembly like its flat pack counterparts. However, you might require the furniture to be moved around the house, or its predecessors dismantled.

We take careful measures to ensure that flat pack furniture is disassembled safely and without damage to your property, clearing the way for your new items to be installed.

Maintenance for Homeowners & Landlords

The Rug Company on Holland Park Avenue is another retail landmark. While we cannot claim to make rugs ourselves, we know that these are often purchased by new homeowners, or by landlords preparing a property for their new tenants.

A new lease requires a number of odd jobs – from painting the walls to fitting curtain poles, mounting paintings and installing flat screen televisions. If your to-do list is looking rather long, let West Handyman know and we will help ease the burden.

Holland Park Handyman Quote

No job is too big – nor too small – for our crack team of Holland Park handymen. Please get in touch via our website or by calling 020 7118 9989 and we will respond with a quote. We look forward to helping you.

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