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Odd Jobs: Hangings and Home Maintenance

Home Maintenance

There are big jobs, and there are subtle jobs. Home improvement covers the little details; skirting boards, scuffs removed, fixes around the house and repairs outdoors. These small but important jobs add up to make the house more inviting. From beds to broken garden benches, our handyman home improvement service is there for you.


Customers in West London often come to us with large items that need hanging. Big mirrors, picture frames or portraits are bulky and often need a skilled handyman to help set up. The same goes for blinds, shelves, wall-mounted televisions and curtain poles. If you cannot do this yourself then don’t worry – our helpful handyman team will help you.

hanging service in west london

General Labour

Need a job doing and don’t know where to start? West Handyman would be delighted to help. Our ethos is to provide a dependable solution for all your needs – be they specific trade services in West London or general labour. If there’s something we haven’t named on this website that you need help for, get in touch. It might be a creative installation in the garden, or an extra pair of hands needed to clear out the garage.

Rental Properties For New Tenants

Whether you are moving in or out, we can offer a clearance, painting and fixing service for rental properties across the area – be it Shepherd’s Bush, Holland Park or Hammersmith. It’s important for both parties to keep rental properties clean. This can make the difference between keeping and losing a damage deposit. Our service will leave your properties looking clean and ready for the landlord. Walls can be repainted, scuffs removed and untidy marks cleaned up. We can repaint flats, houses, apartments and even dismantle old sheds at the bottom of the garden – UWL students take note!

A handyman is supposed to be flexible. Whatever your needs, get in touch and we’ll make suitable arrangements for your home.

Furniture Assembly

carpentry services in London

Your flat packed furniture has arrived and you need a helping hand with assembly? We are ready to help you!


electricity services in West London

Our professionals can carry out electrical work for domestic households. Our rates are very customer friendly.

Kitchen & Bathroom

kitchen and bathroom services in West London

We can also help with general work in kitchen and bathroom.

Odd Jobs

odd jobs in West London

Do you have a job that we have not mentioned here? We can accommodate all your practical needs. Simply contact us!