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Bath or shower tray resealing: £80

Shower & Bath Reseal Service

It isn’t nice, but mould in the bathroom must be dealt with. Not only does it pose a health hazard, it’s also unsightly and gives the home a dirty feel.

Fortunately, the problem can be solved by booking a professional handyman to reseal the shower or sinks. Practice makes perfect, and we’ve been in the business long enough that every bath resealed is a job well done!

Why Book A Handyman?

While resealing a bath tray can be done yourself, improper application of the silicone can leave mould trapped between edges. The wrong tools, preparation or know-how can lead to further outbreaks of mould, which prolongs the issue and makes the hard work feel wasted. Furthermore, it’s messy work!

Our bath and reseal service rids you of all these problems, and ensures your bath or shower is left clean, resealed and dry. We use the very best materials and trade know-how, using the toughest silicone and sealant strips to ensure the area is future-proof. We’ll arrive with all the right tools, saving you the time, money and energy running round Homebase looking for the perfect sealant gun.

Ridding your bathroom of mould is such a relief, and makes those early morning showers a little more bearable. By the time we’ve left those telltale black lines will be gone, and the silicone bonded seamlessly with the tiles and porcelain edges. We know from experience that the relief is well worth it (especially in those cold winter months).

To enquire about our bath and shower tray resealing service, give us a call on 020 7118 9989 or fill in our online form. We will outline a quote, take your details and book a callout at your earliest convenience.

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