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Picture Hanging Service

London is one of the world’s cultural capitals, filled with beautiful artwork, galleries, exhibitions and design events. Large paintings are snapped up on a daily basis, and people rightfully wish to showcase them in their homes. Such items include:

Professional Wall Mounting

West Handyman take the pressure off by coming to your home in London and providing a professional picture hanging service. There is no need for you to source any kind of tool, screw or picture hook. We will provide the correct wires, fixings and handyman know-how to ensure your artwork is displayed beautifully and securely.

All you need to do is give us a call or enquire online. One of our staff will confirm the details and pricing, then we will arrive a convenient time and hang your frame for you.

No matter the size, weight or shape of the frame – we are happy to help. For the heavier and more precious paintings, we can bring two handymen to ensure the item is handled as carefully as needed.


As with all our jobs, we ask that you prepare the area before our arrival to the property. Make sure the wall and surrounding space is clear, and that children and pets are kept away throughout the duration of our visit,

Pictures are hung from varying heights, and sometimes a step ladder is required to ensure the job is done safely. Please let us know in advance whether you think this is necessary so that we come prepared.

Furniture Assembly

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Your flat packed furniture has arrived and you need a helping hand with assembly? We are ready to help you!


electricity services in West London

Our professionals can carry out electrical work for domestic households. Our rates are very customer friendly.

Kitchen & Bathroom

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Odd Jobs

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Do you have a job that we have not mentioned here? We can accommodate all your practical needs. Simply contact us!