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Putting Up Shelves

Shelves are the ultimate space saver. They’re not only functional, but give your walls a great deal of character. They’re one of the first things homeowners put up after moving or renovating a room. West Handyman install shelves securely and safely, leaving a level, flush surface that invites your best books and ornaments.

Shelf Assembly Retailers

This is one of our regular services, and in years of London shelf assembly we’ve worked with all the major retailers. They are popular in the industry for a reason; a handyman can quickly recognise the work, tools and time needed to put up a set of shelves. The following retailers have become second nature to us:

If your retailer isn’t listed above, or is a bespoke item made especially for you, do not fear. As experts in the field we are able to adapt and install any type of shelf.

What Should I Prepare?

The first and obvious point is to clear the area – remove any obstructions, allow a wide space around the wall and make sure pets and children cannot enter the room. Besides this, ensure your shelves have all the corrects parts required – most flat pack items come with an inventory for customer reference.

The rest is up to us – no need for you to trouble yourself at Homebase finding the right screwdriver or spirit level. West Handyman will arrive with all the correct tools and technical know-how to do the job. Prior to the callout, we will have discussed with you the estimated workload, so you’ll have a good idea about costs and timing. Give us a call on 020 7118 9989 or fill in our online contact form to enquiry about your shelf assembly.

Furniture Assembly

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Your flat packed furniture has arrived and you need a helping hand with assembly? We are ready to help you!


electricity services in West London

Our professionals can carry out electrical work for domestic households. Our rates are very customer friendly.

Kitchen & Bathroom

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We can also help with general work in kitchen and bathroom.

Odd Jobs

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Do you have a job that we have not mentioned here? We can accommodate all your practical needs. Simply contact us!