Have you just treated yourself to a dream flat screen TV? We can help you with the installation. We will send one or two handypersons who are equipped with the right tools for the job. They will mount securely your TV on the wall.

Give us a call and we will send a qualified handyman or a team of two, depending on the size of your TV.

– One handyperson can expertly install TV sets up to 49”

– Two technicians will be required for the installation of 50” and wider TV sets.


Up to 40" TV wall mounting £47
43" TV wall mounting £57
49" TV wall mounting £67
55" TV wall mounting £87
65" TV wall mounting £127


We have done many framed mirrors, paintings, film posters, TVs, shelves, furniture items and other jobs in different London homes. Small and big ones. Brick, concrete and plasterboard walls. We use the right fixings to put up your things safely and securely.

  • We try our best to arrive in time
  • Your Handyman will arrive with the right set of tools
  • Also, we can hang your Picture frames on the wall
  • We can help you to mount your Mirror on the wall
  • Your Handyman will know how to do it
  • We can provide you with appropriate wall fixings


  • Will the Handyman come with the right tools to do the job?

    Yes, the Handyman will arrive with the set of tools to complete the agreed job.

  • Will the Handyman have the fixings – screws and the wall plugs to hang up the TV?

    Yes, the Handyman will have the different types of screws and wall plugs in his tool box to hang up the TV on the wall.

  • I have a TV and would like to mount it on the plasterboard wall. Can you do it?

    Please check your TV size and give as call to discuss it. Most likely it could be done.

  • I have a TV but do not have a TV wall mount bracket, could you provide the wall mount bracket?

    Yes we could, please check your TV brand/exact model and give us call (or drop a line) to discuss this.

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